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We invite you to join the WaitList

Thank you for your interest in Ambleside Daycare, kindly complete the online waitlist form below and also please send your non-refundable e-transfer fee of $50.00 per child to join the waitlist to: info@amblesidedaycare.com

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Joining the waitlist is the best way to secure a spot at the Centre.

Through careful management of our  enrollment and by paying close attention

to the needs of prospective  families, we have an extremely high success rate of 

offering spots to  families on our waitlist.

By joining the waitlist now, you are pretty much guaranteed to be offered a spot.

 If we offer you a spot and you choose to take it the $50.00 waitlist fee will be applied to the registeration fee

Ambleside Daycare and After School Care

6060 Andrews Way SW, Edmonton, Alberta T6R 3S5, Canada

(780) 250-1828